Microblading in the
Vail Valley

Wax It Skin Studio is the ONLY place to get your premier Microblading service in the Rocky Mountains! No need to fly to LA or drive to Denver to get this advanced service when you can do it right here in the Vail Valley.


Brows that Wow!


Discover your best brow!


We spend 2-3 hours on each initial procedure to ensure that we give each client the perfect shape and strokes. We work with your bone structure and natural color to achieve an elegant natural lift and arch.

(subject to change)

Consultation (recommended) - $100 - includes Brow Shaping with wax or thread, brow mapping to determine your perfect shape, color matching and a review of pre and post care and addressing any medical concerns.

Microblading Appointment - $400 and up - In this 2-3 hour appointment, we will take your brows through the whole process and send you home with aftercare instructions. The price will depend on the number of techniques need to best accomplish your perfect brow and will be discussed during your consultation.

Same-Day Consultation and Appointment - $550 and up - We do it all this day and send you home with aftercare instructions. Price will depend on the number of techniques need to best accomplish your perfect brow and will be discussed during your consultation.

Follow-up - Free when scheduled after your microblading appointment.

Touch-Up Session after 60 days - $100 - Sometimes a second Touch-up is required for clients with oily or difficult skin.

Touch-Up Session after 6 Months - $300

Annual Touch-up - $400

Have any questions? Check out our Microblading FAQ.

Our Microblading Credentials

Michelle received her Permanent Makeup Certification from the College of International Esthetics in Denver. She has also completed her advanced microblading training with PhiBrows.

Her well rounded training in microblading and extensive experience as a lash and brow artist has given her the background to help you discover your best brow.

Michelle Microblading Training

Reasons to get Microblading

  • You apply eyebrow makeup daily and would rather get microblading and skip the tedious daily application!

  • You have never grown much hair in the eyebrow area

  • You are losing brow hair as you age

  • You over tweezed (because who didn't in the 90s?) and hair no longer grows

  • You have a condition that has caused you to lose hair such as alopecia, thyroid condition, or chemotherapy

  • You would just like to fill in any gaps or sparse areas so that you do not have to spend hours with eyebrow cosmetics

  • You would like to darken the eyebrows because your natural hair color is too light

  • You would like to have an arch that visually lifts the eye area

  • Your eyesight is no longer strong enough to apply cosmetics on yourself

  • You aren't satisfied with your current brow shape and desire restructuring

About your appointment


No Hot Tubs and No Skiing the day prior, day of or for at least 2 days after! We do live in a ski town after all. You’ll want your skin to be soft and not dried out.

You will also receive pre and post care instructions during your consultation.

The following conditions may interfere with microblading:

  • Pregnancy/Breast Feeding

  • Keloids or if there is a tendency to scare or moles

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer, Epilepsy, Autoimmune Disorders (a doctors note is required)

  • Any bleeding disorders (a doctors note is required)

  • Blood Thinners

  • Accutane or other strong retinoids (must wait 6 months after treatment ends)

  • Botox (must wait 1 month)

  • Old permanent makeup (a pre-consultation is required, re reserve the right not to work on prior artists work.)

  • Broken Capillaries

  • Sunburn

  • Chemical Peels (must wait 2 weeks)

  • Client must always avoid blood thinners and alcohol prior to their microblading procedure.

Day Of

We will do a final walk-through and get to work creating your amazing new brows! You’ll enjoy a cozy seat in our new office with a view of Beaver Creek. You’ll be sent home with microblading aftercare instructions.


A free follow-up must be scheduled after 4 weeks to give your brows time to heal. During this appointment we will fill in and make sure your brows are perfect.

Cancellation & late Policy

Like all our services we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. For Microblading appointments if you miss your appointment you will be charged in full!

Please make it a priority to be on time for this appointment. If you are late for you appointment you risk having your appointment canceled and being charged. We pride ourselves in our work and want to give you the best brows possible.


Other Permanent Makeup Services

We also offer Eye Liner and Full Lip Coloring. Please email or call us to discuss these permanent makeup options.